When it comes to seaweed, I can't say no.
Seaweed used to be one of my favourite food. Until one day I have to be really careful about the intake of iodine and I can barely eat at all. I thought it was just a change in my eating habit. However, I realise there’s something more.
During my stay in Iceland, I did some seaweed hunting when there’s a low tide. Plenty of seaweeds are lying on the beach. Surprised by the diverse species of seaweed in Iceland, I started a botanic study of them and meanwhile they became my magical symbol. Generated graphics and sound are usually my fictional language, but this time I try to add poetry for documenting my feelings towards Iceland and all my self-reflections. 
Now, I consider seaweed as a tunnel that somehow connects me with my inner self and also a representative of the deepest desire in my subconsciousness. Just like the holdfast of a seaweed that attach itself to the substrate, I want to dig out the core base of the inner me through these fascinating organisms. 
The Drifting Consciousness is something that deeply controls my decision making in every single day, yet I seldom pay attention to them.​​​​​​​
Imagining how the seaweeds floating freely under the sea
Just like neurons in our brain
Transmitting information and controlling our actions
Memories came back again and they were just so close to me
I let myself drift into self-talks and try to record those tiny levitating senses
By translating my emotion and sensation into sounds and animated visuals
I reconnect with me in a kind of subtle way
How seaweedious!
1. Sea Lettuce
Listen well 
Listen to my environment

The wave, the wind, the whisperers
Soft and slow
Hear the Halló

Get connected with us
2. Irish Moss
Time is melting
In your private thoughts 

I know you already know it
But have you seen the dissolving boundaries?
Between you and me 
You don't need to grasp every single detail in a daze

Pause briefly 
From time to time

Just rest quietly
In my presence
3. Sugar Kelp
You think you know me well
You think you are the one who is in control
You are mistaken 

I am and I am not
I amplify the echoes 
I am here
Here by your side

Like a squid
Drenched in the cold and briny air
4. Furbellow
Memories came back again
They were just so close to me

Now you are in my dreams
Coming with the moonlight
Floating freely in the void
Like a fire

I'm enchanted again
5. Egg Wrack
What you choose to remember
I choose to forget
Oh, choices
It's all about choices

So we drift apart
In parallel worlds
But we share the same fate
It's true
'Coz we all come from dust
And to dust all return
6. Fucus Guiryi
There is a time for everything
And all things endure for a reason

Like a single raindrop falls from heaven
What we see is just the ripples
Spreading out on a surface in our consciousness

I will trace back to the first cause
As promised
I will
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