An experimental video in collaboration with Melanie Noel
Söngla means “chanting” in Icelandic. The idea here is to reimagine what remains engraved in memory - historically, personally and politically - with a "legendary" mosquito.
Melanie wrote and narrated the poem, and Sarah wove video footages, colours and recordings together for this experimental video.
The protective umbrellas multiply. Pink and green. Benign pistols. The future’s flowers.
                                    — a yellow coat and gulls
If a person speaks into one end of a cardboard tube, the sound waves spread out in all
directions ...
As a child she was hospitalized for the butterfly trapped in her throat. To free it she endured
injection after injection and thought: mosquito, come silently with your better syringe.
                                                        — a yellow coat and gulls
How imperceptibly a thing can come like nothing much and then brighten the current
                         a camera in the disarming flower of blood.
                                                         Light appears to bend when it passes by an edge —
                         Iceland’s only mosquito lives in a museum.
        Vein of dandelion, milky for the mane.                 Later the stem a hollow, ear to the ground.
Consider the situation in which ocean waves impinge on a breakwater or some very large
barrier with a sizable hold or gap . . . as the waves push through . . . the waveforms bend . . .
In particular, the approaching parallel waves emerge from the gap in the shape of concentric
half circles. The ocean waves are thus diffracted as they pass through the barrier; the barrier
serves as a diffraction apparatus for ocean waves.
The maternal insect, an IV bag, resting on the wall.
- Melanie Noel

Italicized lines are all from: Barad, Karen. 2007. Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum
Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning. Durham, NC and London: Duke
University Press.
Solo exhibition documentation at SÍM Gallery in Iceland 2020
Group exhibition documentation at Chun Art Museum in Shanghai 2021
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