An audiovisual project with four different states which present four different visuals and audio effects. I did some sample playback experiments, like speed changing(FM), samples manipulating by using the oscillator to control some parameters, and of course, amplitude modulation. The main rhythm is created by a phasor that gives 6 beats in 8 seconds. 
This solar system has 4 states: 
Waiting - there is only orange and grayscale color in the universe. All small planets twinkle when we send a Morse code "HI" to space every 8 secs. 
Responding - the space color change to black. planets and stars become colorful | as well. We receive a signal back from "the unknown" which last for 7 secs at one cycle.
SpeedUp - speed up the time (planets move faster)                                
Chaotic - all the small planets lost the original gravity, their orbits disappear.
. Meanwhile, instead of having an ambient sound(soundtrack from NASA) as the background music, we have a "peaceful" manipulated sound sample for this chaotic state.

                                                   ------------------ Keyboard Interaction ------------------
   By default - "Waiting"

  * press "1" - show instruction" 
  * press "2" - "Responding"
  * press "3" - "SpeedUp"
  * press "4" - "Chaotic"
Some audio sources are downloaded from NASA's web and "Freesound" for free use: <>
written in OF version 0.9.8 with addon ofxMaximilian 
platform Xcode 7.0.1
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