Selected Publications
Song, Z. , Wu, J. , Hu, H. and Song, X. (2023) Political Polarization and Relationship Dissolution on Social Media among Hong Kong Students during the Anti-Extradition Bill Movement. Advances in Journalism and Communication, 11, 116-135. doi: 10.4236/ajc.2023.112009.

Wu, J., Chan, W. W., Song, Z.X.,& Song, X. R. (forthcoming) Exploring Students’ Adoption of Virtual Reality in Journalism Practice Education: An UTAUT Perspective. Accepted for publication in Educational Communications and Technology Yearbook by Springer.
Conference Presentations & Proceedings

Song, X. R. (2023). Immersive Interactive Installation as Positive Technology from Artistic Practice Perspective. Positive Technology International Conference (PT 2023) on 27-30 June 2023 at Tung Wah College, Hong Kong SAR, China

2019 Transmediale Festival of Art & Digital Culture, student forum day panel, Berlin, Germany
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